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A design is only as good as its ability to meet your needs, so from the beginning our goal is to create a design that’s right for you. Home improvement can be a messy business. We firmly believe it’s worth taking the time to really understand your wants, needs, and aspirations before “breaking” any ground. Aligning our thinking from the start not only allows for better designing and building, but also makes for a much better time for all along the way.



After getting on the same page through the “Thinking” process, we get to work putting your vision to paper. Starting by thoroughly assessing the existing conditions of your space (including potentially concealed issues), we produce a series of architectural drawings that illustrate your vision and guide the build process. We also work directly with you to visualize your style through material and fixture selections that inform the final design. Once we have reached a consensus on your final design, we do an RFQ to get up-to-date pricing on materials, labor, and any other costs to arrive at a final estimate.


It all started with a door - a barn door, in fact - and to this day we still love to build them. We’ve come a long way since then, and today we’re proud to offer a range of Build services. From barn doors, to built-ins, to full kitchen remodels and beyond, Woodwerd is here with the methods and processes to make it happen. Once the build starts, our focus is on minimizing construction impacts on your existing space and maximizing build efficiency. After deconstruction and site preparation we work diligently to get any trade work done so we can finish installations and begin to apply the final touches. When all is said and done, it will be like we were never there at all!

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