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Putting your vision to paper

Architectural Renderings & Drawings

A core component of what WOODWERD does for our clients is the making of full 3D CAD of your design with final architectural renderings and drawings that will guide the work we do together. Accounting for not just basic layout and size elements, our designs capture key details like material dimensions, electrical/plumbing needs, finishes, and appliance placement.

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Selections and Style Guides

To help you find the right selections to make the design reflect your aesthetic, we will work with you to explore your style and get the right pieces in place. From paint to flooring materials, to drawer pulls, we pay attention to the little details in our design because they matter! Drawing from the colors, forms, and patterns you are inspired by, we distill your aesthetic vision into style guides that inform the final design.

RFPs, Procurement, & Scheduling

Once we have reached a consensus on the design together, we can begin the process of RFPs and sketching out the procurement schedule for materials. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - home improvement projects get messy once you start, so we aim to have a solid timeframe for all the moving pieces. This phase also allows us to hone in on an accurate final estimate we can all feel confident signing off on.


“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”

— Charles Eames

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