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Making it real

Deconstruction & Site Prep

To prepare the site for building, we often have to remove previously constructed features. To do so, we opt to deconstruct, rather than demolish. Deconstruction allows us to take apart what’s in the way, minimizing mess and disposal costs. This also helps maximize our ability to re-use building materials. After deconstruction we put in place any additional rough-in plumbing, electrical, or structural elements necessary prior to bringing in our trade partners. 


Managing Materials & People

A major part of the home improvement process is managing the materials and people necessary to get the job done. We work closely with you to make sure the flows of materials and people to your site work with your life and schedule. Our aim is to keep procurement and labor timelines in sync, so materials arrive and are put to use shortly after, minimizing time and space wasted. We organize getting any rough work completed as quickly as possible so we can start getting the space back in order and on to the finishing touches.

Finishes & Surfaces

Making renderings turn into reality. When we start to finishes and surfaces installations, your design will start to really come to life. Bringing in all the elements of your design to show your style will start to delight. As renderings fade to reality, we focus on those key details and make sure all these elements come together as we had designed them to.


"A design isn't finished until someone is using it."

— Brenda Laurel

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